Ageing and care Ageing and care
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Ageing and care

Aging and care

Ageing and care

What is the aging process? Write some measures to care for elderly people.

Aging is the natural process of being old with physical and mental weaknesses with the span of time.
Some measures to care for elderly people are: -
  • Maintain personal hygiene.
  • The facility of regular health check-up.
  • Encourage old people to do physical exercises and yoga.
  • Maintain a balanced diet
  • Establishment of elderly care homes for the needy aged.

What are the causes of increasing life expectancy in Nepal?

The causes of increasing life expectancy in Nepal are: -
  • Increase in health services
  • Spread of education
  • Physical exercises and yoga
  • Balanced diet
  • Quality of life

What are the causes of aging?

  • Wear and tear theory: According to this theory, aging takes place due to physical labor.
  • The cellular theory: When the rate of regeneration of human cell decreases, the human body is gradually decayed. Consequently, aging takes place.
  • Autoimmune theory: As the age increases, the immunity of the person decreases. Due to this, he/she is easily attacked by various diseases.
  • Genetic theory: When the age increases, the cells show the abnormal nature and their efficiency goes obstructed.
  • Psychological theory: The difficulty in managing the behavioral problem and social adaption makes life very difficult. When a person becomes incapable to deal with his/her social problems, he/she becomes old.

Make a list of socio-economic and emotional changes during old age.      

Social changes:
  • Feeling of care and love of children.
  • The interest in sharing the feeling with the contemporary ones.
  • Gradual inability to involve in social activities.
  • Expect love, respect, and affection from society and family.
Economic changes:
  • Dependent on others
  • Loss of job
  • Decreased income level

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