Basic needs, Family and Parents Basic needs, Family and Parents
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Basic needs, Family and Parents

Basic needs, Family and Parents

Short notes on Basic needs, Family and Parents

  • Basic needs:

There are certain things that every individual and family needs. These things include food, clothes, house, health service, education, sex, security, etc. A happy family needs the fulfillment of these requirements. If the family is small, these needs can be easily fulfilled. The head of the family should think about whether he is in a position to increase the quantities or not. Unwise increase in the size of the family can cause an economic burden. The effect will be declination in the standard of living and the supply of basic needs would also be difficult.
  • Family:

A family is a group of persons of different ages and sexes related by blood, marriage or social contract living under the same roof with the common provision of food and sharing the functions, responsibilities and available resources of the group with each other. Universal Declaration of Human Right (UDHR) mentions family as a natural and social unit protected by society, state. In general sense, a family means a primary social unit consisting of a mother, a father and their children.
  • Parents as the inspirers:

Parents are greatly inspired. They inspire the children to be creative and thoughtful. They encourage children on many occasions when their better feelings and morale decline when their moral determination and dedication loses strength. They inspire children to be disciplined and obedient. For example: When a child fails an examination and becomes sad, his/her parents cheer up and persuade him to continue his/her studies.
  • Role of parents:

Responsibilities lie in parents for the physical, mental, social and emotional development of the children. If the responsibilities and roles are accepted and performed by parents, the children's future will be bright, happy and glorious. Therefore, parents must identify their responsibilities and roles and discharge them properly. The roles of parents in the family are to make policy and the goals of the family, to lead the children, to educate and guide the children, to inspire them, etc.

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