Characteristics of adolescents Characteristics of adolescents

Characteristics of adolescents

Characteristics of adolescents:

Characteristics of adolescents
  • An important period: In this stage, many physical and psychological changes take place. Therefore, it is an important period.
  • A transitional phase: Persons in this stage are neither children nor adults.
  • Time to change: Due to the rapid growth of reproductive organs, change in physical structure, biological changes also occur.
  • A problematic age: Adolescents must have self- correction ability. They have to develop their own skills to solve their problems, but they do not have the knowledge to do so.
  • A time of searching identity: The adolescents try to show their ability and efficiency. They try to get special identity among their friends.
  • A dreaded age: The attitude, belief, and faith they adopt may not be right and it leads to frustration, addiction, and suicide.
  • A time of unrealism: The adolescents have their own needs, aspirations, and expectations based on their fantasy and assumption.
  • Overlapping period: Some of the developmental aspects of adolescents are overlapped with puberty, which starts after childhood.

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