Concept of Health, Population and Environment I Concept of Health, Population and Environment I

Concept of Health, Population and Environment I

Concept of Health, Population and Environment

Concept of Health, Population, and Environment

Describe some aspects of Health, Population, and Environment.

Ans = The aspects of health, population and environment are described as follows:
  1. Physical aspects: All the biotic and abiotic components of the Earth are included in it. E.g.; Natural aspects (living beings, air, water, land, etc.), Artificial aspects (roads, buildings, etc.)
  2. Biological aspects: It includes various types of flora and fauna available in different ecological regions of the Earth. E.g: Forests, herbs, wildlife, etc.
  3. Socio-cultural aspects: It includes those gifts which were bestowed upon us by our ancestors. E.g.; Religious structures, customs, cultures, rites, rituals, festivals, etc.
  4. Economic aspects: It includes resources and monetary goods and services that we need for our survival.
  5. Scientific and technological aspects: It includes research, development, inventions, and innovations in the field of science and technology, which makes our life easier.
  6. Political aspects: It includes government formation, social welfare, allocation of means and resources, election, laws, regulations, budgeting, decentralization, ruling systems, etc.
  7. Psychological aspects: It includes human behaviors, thinking, beliefs, attitudes, etc.

“Healthy environment supports a healthy and happy life.” Justify.

Ans = Healthy environment means improved effects on our total surrounding. If there are no negative changes in the environment as compared to its origin, then the environment is said to be healthy. Environment and health of living beings are positively correlated with each other. Improvement of the former leads to improvement in later and deterioration of environment leads to negative effects on health. Environment degradation brings many health-related problems which eventually leads to a low quality of life. If we maintain the environment fresh, then it has positive effects on health and quality of life. If the environment is not affected, then climatic conditions also remain good. There will be less natural calamities, more fresh air, clean water for usage, less disease and so on. These things also support a happy life. So, the statement “Healthy environment supports a healthy and happy life” is well justifiable.

How can you say that HPE is a multidisciplinary subject?

Ans = Health Population and Environment is a subject that has combined or involved several academic disciplines. It has relations with several aspects of life and nature. It has linkage with science, social, culture, economics, psychology, technology, etc. and many other academic subjects directly or indirectly. Change in one leads to a change in other aspects and disciplines. Different problems of people, environment, economy, culture, politics, and society can be solved by the help sought from the knowledge of health, population and environment education. Hence, HPE is truly a multidisciplinary subject.

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