Consequences of High population Growth

Consequences of High population Growth

Consequences of High population Growth:

Population growth is a serious obstacle to the development of a nation. Most of the resources are utilized by the government for the people and which reduces the investment in productive sectors of the economy. High population has the following consequences:
  1. There will be the dearth of facilities as there will be a number of people to avail and consume the available facilities.
  2. The resources will be scarce as more population depends upon the same level of resources.
  3. There will be massive deforestation and urbanization which consequently degrades the environment. This creates an imbalance between nature and population.
  4. Unemployment problems will be rampant. Nepal has been facing the problem of unemployment and brain drain, and high population adds to this situation.
  5. It slows the pace of development because the investment cannot be done in those sectors to increase the quality of population like education and health as resources are invested in basic demands of a population quantity.
  6. There will be a scarcity of food as more people consume more foods. This also leads to rise in demand and a rise in the price level in the economy. People suffer from malnutrition due to lack of enough food for good health.
  7. People will be the victim of the vicious circle of poverty. They are already lacking income and more population pressure increases unemployment. lack of income leads to lack of nutrition. It leads to less efficiency and again less income. This cycle continues.

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