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Development III

What do you mean by infrastructures of development? Describe its types.

The development which denotes the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise are known as infrastructures of development.
Its types are:
  • Human Resource: It is necessary to have especially skilled manpower to conduct developmental activities in every sector like education, health, communication, science, and technology.
  • Physical Infrastructure: Roads, bridges, canals, drains, buildings, electricity, ICT media, etc are physical infrastructure.
  • Social aspect: Knowledge, skills, and efficiency of the people can be used to conduct developmental activities. Understanding, ownership feelings, participating desire is the social aspect which is necessary for the development.
  • Economic Aspect: Development activities need investment. Infrastructures need financial investment.

What are the basic indicators of development? Briefly explain them.

The basic indicators of development are: -
  • Economic Development: It is one of the best indicators of development. Economic development is the progress in the economy. Various infrastructures like education, communication, transport, industry, and human resource support economic development.
  • Quality of life: Every people have common needs and aspirations for making their life prosperous. When such needs are fulfilled, it helps to increase the quality of life of a person, a society, a county, and the whole world. Therefore, quality of life is the ultimate aim of people. In other words, Fulfillment of basic needs of people and people's satisfaction is the quality of life.
  • Happiness: Happiness is increasingly considered a proper measure of social progress and a goal of public policy. Only physical advancement, increase in income and fulfillment of physical needs do not yield the quality of life, there must be happiness and satisfaction among people.
  • Development of human resource: Human resource is the active infrastructure of development to mobilize other resources. Without its development, other efforts will be fruitless. The human resource makes proper utilization of the resources and the production will increase. There will be a higher possibility of development. In this way, the development of human resource is an indicator of development.

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