Development IV Development IV

Development IV

"Development work helps to develop human efficiency." How?

Development IV

Development works are associated with the environment. In order to conduct developmental activities, an environmental resource such as land, forest, water, minerals, etc. are used. Different countries conduct different kinds of development activities according to available resources. But those resources can only be utilized by human resources. So, human resources utilize their knowledge, skills, etc. so that they can promote their efficiency.

The development makes people get opportunities to set their knowledge and skills. Besides, their experience and work efficiency will be increased. The development of knowledge and skills of people help to maintain the quality and availability of the resources. Humans can be qualified, expert after being participated in developmental activities. Participation and involvement in development activities help to preserve the infrastructures as participation builds affection towards their work. They will be more directed towards care, repair, maintenance of the infrastructures which further increase their ability and confidence towards work.

Therefore, different activities should be conducted in the country. New and different development programs should be brought too. If so, many humans get a chance to develop their efficiency.

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