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Define development and give any four importance of development work.

Development is the gradual positive change in the existing situation. It is the process by which the members of society increase their capabilities to mobilize resources for sustainable improvement in their quality of life.

The four importance of development works are:
  • Quality of life can be promoted.
  • Basic needs of people can be fulfilled easily.
  • The environment can be balanced.
  • It reduces unemployment problems.

What is sustainable development according to the Bruntland commission? Briefly describe it.

According to Brundtland Commission, "Sustainable development is a process of development in which exploitation of resources is done to meet the need of present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."

It focuses on the appropriate use of resources, responsibility of the consumer and public participation in development. It also focuses on the control of Rapid Population Growth, development of the human resource, carrying capacity of the earth and environmental conservation.

Why is sustainable development important in terms of the environment?

Sustainable Development is very important in terms of environment because It meets the needs of future generations too. It focuses on the appropriate use of resources and conservation of the environment. The balanced environment is only possible if sustainable development is followed.

 It is the backbone of development. Sustainable development emphasizes on long term development conserving and preserving the environment resources paralleled. It focuses on utilization, protection, and promotion of natural means and resources during the course of development.

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