Elderly people and elderly homes

Better to keep the elderly people in their homes rather than in an elderly home. 

Elderly people and elderly homes

Aging or being older is a natural process. A child grows into an adult and after marriage, they become a parent and work hard to make their children capable to be self-dependent. As time passes he/she becomes old and weak person then they need someone to look after them.

They need love and respect. In this time, their children should look after them in their home giving them all the love and affection they require. Nowadays, people think their parents as heir burden and leave them in an elderly home forgetting all he love and affection and care given to them when they were a child. An old man doesn't want to stay in elderly homes, as their wish is to stay with their family. They need emotional attachment with their children and grandchildren.

They need homely care and affection. They will not get these things in an elderly home. This also roots culture of keeping old parents in an elderly home in the minds of new generations. people must have empathy upon the situation of the old people rather than sympathy. Elderly people are the inspire-rs and motivators as they have led a long journey of life.

They know how to handle things during hard times. Their need is better understood when they are with their children rather than in an old age home. So, it is better to keep the elderly people in their homes rather than in an elderly home.

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