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Environment Pollution

Environment Pollution

Describe some causes and preventing measures of air pollution.

          The causes of air pollution are: -

  • Smoke and dust emitted from the vehicles are one of the causes of air pollution. It gets mixed in the air with other gases which adversely affects the health of living beings.
  • Gases like CO, CO2, SO2, etc. smoke and dust emitted from industries and kitchen affect the air and its components very badly. Such gases thicken the layer in the upper atmosphere and cause global warming.
  • Bad smell and microorganisms from dumping site cause bad odor in the air and people and other organisms are adversely affected.

          The preventive measures of air pollution are: -

  • Afforestation should be encouraged. It helps to increase oxygen and reduce Carbon dioxide from the air. It purifies the air.
  • Electric vehicles should be prioritized than petroleum- vehicles. An electric vehicle does not produce smokes as petroleum-vehicles.
  • Solid wastes shouldn't be randomly disposed of in open places. It should be properly managed by collecting them. It controls the bad odor and microorganisms.

How is the water polluted? What can be done for it?

Water is polluted by:
  • Fecal discharges cause water resource polluted.
  • Leakage of agro-chemicals in water resources.
  • Natural calamities like flood, landslide, soil erosion, etc.
  • Carrying out household kitchen activities near the water resources.
Water can be prevented from being polluted by the following ways: -
  • Check dam for flood, landslide and soil erosion.
  • Mass afforestation in barren lands should be done.
  • Wastes should not be mixed to water resources.
  • Health education and awareness should be increased among people.

Mention some causes, effects and preventive measures of noise pollution.

The causes, effects and preventive measures of noise pollution are: -
  • Radio, TV, musical instrument in high volume can cause sound pollution.
  • Loud noise is created in densely populated areas, market, heavy traffic, and industrial areas.
  • It is caused by various construction activities.
  • Noise pollution causes loss of hearing power and deafness.
  • Lack of concentration of drivers and workers.
  • It can be harmful to pregnant women as it affects the fetus.
Preventive measures:
  • Trees should be planted in every open field, market area, hospital, and industry.
  • 'No horn zone' should be declared near schools and hospitals.
  • Use of earplug or cotton is necessary by the workers in noisy factories.

Sources of solid waste.

The sources of solid waste are: -
  • Industrial waste
  • Construction works
  • Waste from hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Business
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Roads
  • Domestic Wastes
  • Other institutions.

Measures of solid waste management.

The measures of solid waste management are: -
  • Burning: The solid wastes that cannot be managed by land filing are destroyed by burning in incinerators.
  • Burial: About 2-3, meters deep pit is used for burying wastes. When a pit is about to be filled near the surface, it can be filled with earth to cover it. After 4/5 months, It can be used as organic fertilizer.
  • Reuse: We must reuse the goods, which emerge as solid waste. Plastic bags and bottles can be reused for various purposes. Besides polythene bags can also be reused to weave small mats, pillows, key rings, small baskets. etc.
  • Reduce and Recycle: Less use of goods should be emphasized. Only necessary items should be used. The non-degradable wastes should be recycled.

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