EPH Short answer questions II

EPH Short answer questions

  1. What is the meaning of “Demo”.
Answer: “Demo” means people.

  1. Which age group comes under active population?
Answer: Age group 15-59 comes under active population.

  1. Write any one point which justifies the importance of community health.
Answer: Creation of a healthy environment

  1. Mention any one of the wild animals found in Mountain region.
Answer: Snow leopard is one of the wild animals found in Mountain region.

  1. What percent of land in our country has been occupied by Terai region?
Answer: 23.1 %

  1. How many species of Mammals are found in Nepal?
Answer: 208 species of Mammals are found in Nepal.

  1. To which group does cordyceps belong?
Answer:  Cordyceps belongs to Fungus group.

  1. How many types can the industry be classified?
Answer: The industry can be classified into 4 types.

  1. What is the mode of transmission of Hepatitis ‘B’?
Answer: Infected blood and other bodily fluids.

  1. What is called the condition of the human body when the water content is low?
Answer: Dehydration

  1. Give the name of any one method of the census.
Answer: De-facto method or De-jure method.

  1. Write down the formula of the rate of natural increase.
Answer: Rate of natural increase = Crude Birth Rate – Crude Death Rate
= [(total birth - total death)/total population]×1000

  1. Write down anyone importance of quality of life.
Answer: Fulfillment of basic needs is one of the importance of quality of life.

  1. Write any one name of a rare plant of Nepal.
Answer: Cordyceps is the name of a rare plant of Nepal.

  1. What percent of the total land of Nepal has been occupied by Mountain region?
Answer: 35.2 %

  1. In which two protected zones the one horn Rhino is found?
Answer: Chitwan National park and Bardiya National park

  1. How to cordyceps reproduce?
Answer: From spore

  1. Write any one unplanned consequences in industrialization.
Answer: Environmental pollution

  1. Which Virus causes Hepatitis ‘C’?
Answer: Hepatitis ‘C’ virus.

  1. Which harmful element is found in alcohol that adversely affects our body?
Answer: Ethanol is the harmful elements found in alcohol that adversely affects our body.

  1. What is a liver problem caused by alcoholism?
Answer: Cirrhosis

  1. Which development region of Nepal has the lowest population according to census 2068 BS?
Answer: Far – western development region

  1. Name two major cash crops of the Terai region.
Answer: Tobacco and sugarcane

  1. What is the bad effect on the body caused by more consumption of food than necessary?
Answer: Obesity

  1. When will be the population of Nepal doubled if it has Annual Growth Rate as 1.4%?
Answer: Population doubling time = 70/Population Growth rate = 70/1.4  = 50 years

  1. In which geographical region are one-horned rhinoceros found?
Answer: Terai region

  1. Write any one example of ex-situ conservation.
Answer:  Botanical garden is an example of ex-situ conservation.

  1. Give the definition of sustainable development according to the Brundtland Commission.
Answer: According to the Brundtland Commission, “Sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

  1. Write any one name of the disease which is caused by malnutrition.
Answer:  Marasmus is one of the diseases which is caused by malnutrition.

  1. Write any one health service which can be developed with the initiation of your own community.
Answer: Preventive health service can be developed with our initiation in the community.

  1. For what benefit do people hunt Giant Hornbill?
Answer: Flesh and medicine.

  1. What percentage of the population of Nepal is involved in agriculture according to the population census of 2068 BS?
Answer: 68 %

  1. Write anyone base for measuring physical quality life index.
Answer: Literacy.

  1. What percentage of land is occupied by the Himalayan region?
Answer: 32.2 %

  1. How many types of mammals are found in Nepal?
Answer: 208 types of mammals are found in Nepal.

  1. Write any two famous religious and cultural heritage of the Terai region.
Answer: Lumbini and Barah Chhetra are two famous religious and cultural heritage of the Terai region.

  1. Write anyone importance of Industry.
Answer: Economic development.

  1. Write the full form of B.C.N.
Answer:  Birds conservation in Nepal.

  1. Name the disease which is caused due to the lack of Vitamin ‘C’.
Answer: Scurvy.

  1. Give any one reason for the less population and low density of population on the Mountain region of Nepal.
Answer: Geographical difficulties

  1. At what range of altitude is Golden Michalia found?
Answer: 600-1500 meters

  1. Which type of population census method is used in Nepal?
Answer: De Jure method of a population census is used in Nepal.

  1. How is Human Development Index divided?
Answer: Human Development Index is divided into three indicators life expectancy at birth, education, and income. The index ranges from 0 to 1 where 0 refers to lowest and 1 refers highest.

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