Fecundity, Taboos and Fertility Fecundity, Taboos and Fertility
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Fecundity, Taboos and Fertility

Fecundity, Taboos and Fertility

What is fecundity? Describe fecundity as the base for fertility.

Fecundity refers to the ability to produce offspring. It means fecundity is the potential to reproduce and how much a single person can reproduce i.e. how many children can a single women give birth to. It is affected by genetics and environmental factors. In hard financial times, fecundity goes down. If the person has fecundity high, the fertility rates become high. So, they can give birth to too many children. That's why fecundity is the base of fertility.

What are taboos? How do they affect fertility?

Taboos are activities that are forbidden or sacred based on religious beliefs or morals. In our society, there are various taboos like stopping sexual contacts after a child's birth, no marriage with a widow women, no sexual contact before marriage and age limit for marriage. These taboos stop the fertility rate. It means people become unable to give birth to children because of taboos. So, it helps to control the population.

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