Health, population and environment education

Health, population and environment education

'Health, population, and environmental education is an integrated subject.' Justify.

Health education helps to create basic awareness on how to be healthy. Population education develops knowledge and understanding of population matters with respect to a quality life. Similarly, environmental education helps us to maintain the quality of the natural environment.

Health education assists in preparing healthy manpower. Preparing healthy manpower is also related to population education. Population education is related to every aspect of human activities. It means the scope of the study, subject matters and main concerns of these subjects are similar and inter-related to each other too.

As a result, both health education and population education are related to environmental education. Then, environment education contributes to maintaining a healthy and fresh environment. It helps to fulfill the objectives of health education. Aspects of health education like home, school, etc are linked to the aspects of the population like demographic planning for the future, etc. Besides, it imparts knowledge on the importance of health education and environmental education for proper management of the population. Population education also informs people about the result of population change on health and environment as well as a home, a community and a country.

Thus, when the natural status of the environment is degraded, our health will also be affected. The rapid growth of the population affects the environment and sanitation. Health education makes us aware of healthy behavior. Human beings only are the medium to mobilize and conserve the environment for their health.

So, if we separate health, population and environment education, the subjects remain incomplete. That's why health, population, and environmental education is an integrated subject.

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