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Marriage is a bonding between two heterosexual genders. While nowadays, there are legal provisions for homosexual marriage too.

List the disadvantages of early marriage for a boy and a girl.

The disadvantages of early marriage are: -
  • Lack of opportunity for attaining education
  • Lack of opportunity to enjoy child rights as playing merrily.
  • Lack of proper knowledge about the reproductive process.
  • Women cannot get the chance of learning income-generating skills.
  • Female reproductive organs may not become matured enough.

What are the advantages of marriage at an appropriate age?   

The advantages of marriage an appropriate age are: -
  • Enough opportunity for attaining education.
  • Enough time is available for personality and career development.
  • Healthy and matured baby is born with a healthy mother.
  • Parents will get adequate opportunity to work in the social and economic field.
  • A small and happy family is developed.

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