Migration and Senescence Migration and Senescence
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Migration and Senescence


Briefly explain the effects of migration in various areas.

The process of shifting from one place to another is called migration. Migration and its consequences are becoming challenging issues. Environment, economy, health, and social aspects are affected by migration. Increase in the migration rate invites natural calamities such as Flood, landslide, drought, desertification, etc.

Deforestation and global warming occur due to it. Similarly, an increase in migration causes the problems of poverty and unemployment. Various epidemics are increasing due to rapid population growth. The schools and hospitals are being crowded.

Conflict, tension, and quarrel can arise among the people. There will be the pressure of population. There will be an unequal distribution of returns of development as well.

What is senescence? Write is affects on fertility.

Senescence is the process of aging and getting old. This is one of the factors which affects on fertility rate. It is especially related to women in comparison to men. When women become old, they are unable to produce estrogen. The production becomes less.
Menstruation cycle becomes less. Then there becomes less possibility of giving birth to children. After 49 years, most of the women can't give birth to children because of the stop of ovulation production. So, senescence decreases fertility rate.

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