Natural resources Natural resources
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Natural resources

Natural resources

Natural resources

All the things gifted by nature for the welfare of all the existing creatures are natural resources.

Some importance of natural resources

The importance of natural resources are: -
  • Source of fresh air and water: Fresh air and water are necessary for all living beings. Without one, no beings can survive.
  • Source of food: Land and forest are very important natural resources. People can get cereals, oil, cash crops, etc. for their survival.
  • Natural Beauty: Natural resources add natural beauty to the country. It attracts tourists. Mountains, plains, lakes, waterfall, etc. have made our country beautiful.
  • Economic Development: Natural resources are necessary for the development of agriculture, industry, etc. Appropriate use of natural resources supports the economic development of the country.
  • Habit/Shelter: Land, forest, water, etc are the shelters of various organisms. Similarly, men also use natural resources to make their shelter.

Natural resources are the base of our survival. How?

Natural resources are the free gifts bestowed upon us by nature. It includes almost everything that we find or see around us. Everything that we derive is from nature and the environment. All the living beings including humans need basic things to survive on earth. We require water, food, air, shelter and other things for our survival. We need safety and security from external harms. We move, struggle, live and develop ourselves by extracting and utilizing resources from nature and non-other sources. We use finished and processed goods, clothes, tools, equipment, etc for daily purpose. However, the resource for all these comes from nature. Whatever we do and use for our needs, desires, and comfort-ability, we do and use from nature. So, we can say that natural resources are the base of our survival.

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