Nature conservation Nature conservation

Nature conservation

Natural resources utilization and conservation programs should be integrated.

Nature conservation

Natural resources are the base of our survival. As a result, we must depend on the natural resources to fulfill our basic needs or run our daily activities. We use the forest for firewood, fodder, herbs, and timber, etc. Similarly, minerals are used. But, while utilizing our natural resources, we must be aware of is deterioration and destruction. If we rapidly, indiscriminately and extremely use these resources they will disappear forever.

We humans and natural resources are interrelated. If natural resources are no longer available, we will be extinct. So, while utilizing natural resources, we must select alternative ways so that they can be saved along with fulfilling our desire.  For the conservation of natural resources, it is required to spread public awareness.

It can develop a positive attitude in all the people. Similarly, the government should launch the programs to promote the establishment of a community forest. Then people start to conserve the forest by utilizing them in an optimum manner because they feel that the forest is their own. Then, we can discharge our desires and save our natural resources.

That's why natural resources' utilization and conservation programs should be integrated.

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