Poverty is the cause of population increase. Poverty is the cause of population increase.
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Poverty is the cause of population increase.

"Poverty is the cause of population increase." Justify.

Poverty is one of the main causes of population increase. Many people are under the poverty line and they are suffering from the daily hand to mouth problems. Because of the insecure future, people consider their children as their source of income. So, they give birth to many children.
They have a perception that, when there are more hands, it leads to more income. But they are unaware of the fact that a child is not born only with two hands to work but also with a mouth to eat. It will be difficult for parents in rearing and nurturing up their children.

Likewise, poor people have daily basic economic problems and they are unable to invest in productive sectors for more income. They are illiterate and ignorant about reproductive health, marriage, birth spacing, contraceptive measures, etc. So, this all leads to population increase.

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