Remedial measures for population growth in Nepal Remedial measures for population growth in Nepal
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Remedial measures for population growth in Nepal

Methods to control the population in Nepal

Remedial measures for population growth in Nepal/

Methods to control the population in Nepal:

1. Marital age:
Fertility depends on the age of marriage. So the minimum age of marriage should be raised. As far as possible, marriage should be legalized at the age of 25 years. This will reduce the fertility period among the females bringing down the birth rate.

2. Raising the Status of Women:
Many women are still suppressed, undervalued, deprived and illiterate. There is still discrimination to the women. They are confined to four walls of the kitchen and rearing and bearing of children. So they should be given opportunities to develop professionally, socially and economically.

3. Education:
The spread of education changes the outlook of people. Educated women are health conscious and avoid frequent pregnancies and thus help in lowering the birth rate. They are also motivated towards delayed marriage for building their career.

4. Adoption:
Some parents do not have any child. Instead of costly medical treatment, a better option may be adopting an orphan child. It will be beneficial to orphan children as well as couples.

5. Creation of employment opportunities:
The primary measure is to raise, the employment level in rural as well as urban areas. Generally, in rural areas, there is disguised unemployment. So efforts should be made to generate works to unemployed persons from rural and urban areas. This can control population growth.

6. Development of Industry:
Agricultural products are raw materials for industries. If industries are properly developed, a large number of people engaged in agriculture, as well as others, will get employment. When their income is increased they will improve their living standard and desire for fewer children.

7. Urbanization:

People in urban areas have low birth rate than those living in rural areas. So, urbanization should be encouraged to control birth.

8. Family Planning:
By applying preventive measures of birth, people can regulate the birth rate. This method is being used widely. Couples can use contraceptive devices as well as perform celibacy to control birth. The methods depend on their choice and suitability.

9. Incentives:
The government can provide various types of incentives to the people who adopt birth control measures. Incentives lure people to control birth as well as makes them secured.

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