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The process of being trained to be social and taking part in social activities is called socialization.  All the events, institutions, customs, behavior and activities in a person's life that help in the socio-cultural learning process are the agents of socialization. Socialization is a process of acquiring culture. It makes a person socialized and responsible. It enables a person to participate in social activities for the society. Those who are properly socialized can achieve success and live a comfortable life. It promotes peace, harmony, and cooperation of society. It converts a biological creature into a social creature and language plays the most important part of this process.

Primary Socialization vs secondary Socialization:

Primary socialization
Secondary socialization
It occurs among children.
I occur among teenagers and adult.
Child's immediate family, relatives, and friends are the primary agents.
Schools, social the organization, political parties, etc are the secondary agents.
Children learn the attitude, values and appropriate actions.
One learns how to act in an acceptable way.

How can family and friends help in socialization?

           Family and friends help in socialization. They are the agents of socialization.  Family teaches a child the attitudes, values and appropriate actions. They help the child to build a base/ foundation for further socialization. Family teaches a child in his/her childhood. Similarly, one learns how to act in an acceptable way outside the home from friends. One learns to form a behavior according to the pattern of society and friends.

Social participation is the backbone of socialization.

          Socialization refers to the process of being trained to be social and social participation means the participation of people in social activities. For socialization, social participation is very essential. A child needs to take part in religious and cultural festivals in the family for primary socialization. For secondary socialization, a person needs to participate in educational institutions, Financial and religious institutions, mass media and every social activities and festival of the society. So, social participation is the backbone of socialization.

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