Wildlife in Nepal Wildlife in Nepal

Wildlife in Nepal

Wildlife in Nepal

Wildlife in Nepal

Write a short note on aquatic fauna found in Nepal.

The aquatic faunal species reported from the water bodies in Nepal are: pharping catfish (Myersglanis blythii), Psilorhynchus nepalensis, Nepalese minnow (Psilorhynchus pseudecheneis), Nepalese snowtrout (Schizothorax macrophthalmus), Turcinoemacheilushimalaya, erethistid catfishes (Erethistoides ascita and Erethistoides cavatura), bagrid catfish (Batasio macronotus) and sisorid catfishes (such as Pseudecheneis eddsiPseudecheneis crassicauda and Pseudecheneis serracula).

Write short note on invertebrates found in Nepal.

Some of the important insect species reported are: ground beetles (Cychropsis nepalensis), Nebria molendai, dung beetles (Caccobius scheuerni), longhorned beetles(Hesperoclytus katarinae), moths (Heterolocha mariailgeae), katydids (Isopsera caligula), mole crickets (Gryllotalpa pygmaea), grasshoppers (Nepalocaryanda latifrons), bees(Andrena kathmanduensis), ant-mimicking thrips (Franklinothrips strasseni) and damselflies (Calicnemia nipalica). Other invertebrates reported are tarantulas (Haplocosmia nepalensis), goblin spiders (Brignolia ankhu), jumping spiders (Euophrys omnisuperstes), scorpions (Heterometrus nepalensis), centipedes (Cryptops nepalensis), land snails(Darwininitium shiwalikianum and Laevozebrinus nepalensis), and freshwater snails (Tricula mahadevensis).

List some vulnerable and endangered wildlife species in Nepal.

Answer = They are as follows:
  1. Antilope carvicapra(black buck)
  2. Bos gaurus(gaur)
  3. Canis lupus(Tibetan wolf)
  4. Neofelis nebulosa(clouded leopard)
  5. Platanista gangetica(Gangetic dolphin)
  6. Python molurus(Asiatic rock python)
  7. Bos mutus(wild yak )
  8. Bubalus bubalis(wild water buffalo)
  9. Caprolagus hispidus(hispid hare)
  10. Cervus duvauceli(swamp deer)
  11. Elephas maximus(Asiatic elephant)
  12. Felis lynx(lynx)
  13. Hyaena hyaena(striped hyaena)
  14. Moschus chrysogaster(Himalayan musk deer)
  15. Panthera tigris(royal Bengal tiger)
  16. Panthera uncia(snow leopard)
  17. Catreus wallichii(cheer pheasent)
  18. Eupodotis bengalensis(Bengal florican)
  19. Gavialis gangeticus(gharial)

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