Advantages of celebrating festivals Advantages of celebrating festivals
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Advantages of celebrating festivals


Advantages of celebrating festivals

Festivals are the days of celebrations and basically for religious purposes. Festivals differ in type. The two major types of festivals are solar festivals and lunar festivals. Solar festivals fall according to solar days and lunar on lunar days. Generally, the lunar festivals are organized due to religious regions. Having said that, I want to jump to the main content of this article, i.e, advantages of celebrating festivals.

There are huge benefits to celebrating festivals and here I have discussed the major advantages of celebrating festivals:

1. It brings joy to the people. Whenever people are into celebrating festivals, then they forget the pains and sorrows for some time. That helps to cleanse their mind and stay happy for at least some moments. Moreover, the joy lasts for several days in some kinds of festivals.

2. The second advantage of celebrating festivals is that people meet after a long time duration with their relatives, friends, and family. How many of you have been far from your family members and for how long? Well, that might have been so long. You might have been far from them because you have a job abroad or study far away. Now, festivals are the time which compels to come back and sit with your beloved ones. Isn't that a great advantage?

3. Another major advantage of celebrating festivals is social harmony. People gather together for fairs and feasts. This brings them to a place and makes them interact with each other. How important it is to communicate with each other to create social harmony.

4. Festivals teach us our customs and traditions. They are the way of inheriting our indigenous way of sharing joy.

5. Festivals and observations remind us about the history of life, religion, and the environment. Festivals direct us to conserve our history.

6. Festivals bring in peace of mind. There are various festivals in which public holiday are declared. That gives us time to rest and enjoy with our near ones.

7. Festivals speed up the economy. People demand and consume more during festivals that trigger the market to produce more and sell more. Likewise, it promotes tourism. People like to get involved in distinguishable observations and therefore, it helps to drive in more income to the country.

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