Chhath Puja 2019 Chhath Puja 2019
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Chhath Puja 2019

Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja 2019


November 2, Chhath 2019
(Chhath puja Date)

Type of holiday: Religious, Historical, Cultural

Featured in religions: Hinduism, Jainism

Worshipping sun in the month of Karthik or Mangshir in B.S. calendar and October or November in Gregorian calendar on the day of Kartika Shukla Shashti is very common among the people residing in Terai region of Nepal, Bihar UP, and Jharkhand in India. The festival is known as Chhath (छठ पर्व).

It is also celebrated in different places like Mauritius, Fiji, South Africa, United States, Malaysia, Macau, Japan, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean islands where there is the presence of migrants from Terai region of Nepal and the Indians from above-mentioned places.

Chhath festival is believed to have been celebrated from Vedic times but its celebrating history relates to Mithila (present-day Janakpur, Nepal) as people residing there were found the first to celebrate Chhath festival or conduct Chhath puja. However, it is said that Chhath puja was done by Draupadi and Pandavas to solve their problems and to regain their territory.

Besides, there is also legends of Lord Rama and Sita to do Chhath puja after their return to Ayodhya after 14 years of forest exile. Ancient history also reveals that Chhath is a way or a method to remain alive without having any food by the saints and yogis. Actually, they used to worship sun to please him so that he would provide energy to them which make them possible to survive without any diet.

Well, till now you have known that Chhath festival is celebrated to show thankfulness to the Sun, but do you know besides this reason there are also other scientific, religious and environmental aspects related to it? The scientific aspects reveal that the sun provides an enormous amount of energy to Earth and humans that are very useful and thus we must thank the sun for its contribution. Also, it is said that the energy coming from the sun provides positive energy and vibes to humans that motivates them.

Similarly, the Hindu religion worships the Sun as the god that gives Earth life and energy to all the living creatures living in the earth. They give much respect to the sun. According to Hindu folklore, Yam, the god of death, and Shani, the god of justice, are the two suns Surya Devta i.e. the sun. Besides, it is said that Vishwakarma, the scientist among the gods, had his daughter married Surya Devta. Therefore, the religious aspects of this festival are very significant in the process of celebrating this festival and its rituals.

Well, the environmental aspects of this festival are very enthralling. You may not know this fascinating fact that Chhath is only the Hindu festival that is eco-friendly. This festival does not include any kind of activity that has the inverse effect on the environment. Therefore, this is a point to be noted as this feature of the festival is very much inspiring and motivative.

Did you know Chhath is a very important festival among the Terai people in Nepal? They celebrate it with great devotion towards the Sun and their culture set up by their forefathers as well as they follow each and every rule very strictly. They take fastings that include abstaining from taking even a drop of water, bath in holy ponds, bridges and stand in water for a long period of time facing upwards worshipping Sun directly without worshipping an idol.

Yes, you may not know but Chhath festival doesn’t include any idol worshipping rather than people give argha to the Sun both during sunrise and sunset. The interesting fact is that those people who celebrate this festival do not wear stitched clothes i.e. men are always seen in Dhoti kurtas whereas women in non-stitched sarees and clothes. They totally avoid non-vegetarian, onion and garlic from their foods. 

Actually, the festival is celebrated for four days. It starts 4 days after the end of Tihar and is celebrated for four days more. In the first day, people take lunch prepared of rice, dal mixed with pumpkin, made in pure ghee and before having launch they take a holy bath in a nearby pond or a river and after having launch they a whole day fasting without taking a drop of water. 

Then in the second day again they take nirjal vratta i.e. fasting avoiding even a drop of water along with Surya puja. The hungry stomach gets Kheer and roti as its dinner. Well, In the third day the traditional rituals follow the process of taking holy bath, providing argha to the rising Sun and in the fourth day to the setting Sun.

Talking about the festival, anyone can conclude that this festival carries a lot of importance as it is the longest festival celebrated after Dashain. This festival brings happiness and joy in the family as well as it brings devotion to God and makes people aware of the importance of the Sun in our daily life.

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Authored by Shlok Koirala For Hamro Library

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