Essay on Dashain Essay on Dashain

Essay on Dashain

Essay on Dashain

Dashain is the greatest festival for the Hindus in Nepal. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy here. Each and every people indulge in this greatest festival. It is also known as "Vijaya Dashami" by locals of Nepal. Generally, Dashain falls in the autumn season especially in the month of Ashwin or Kartika (late September or early October in Gregorian calendar) according to Bikram Samvat Calendar. It is the longest festival or Hindus celebrated for fifteen days with great zeal and joy. In Dashain throughout the whole country goddess, Durga is worshipped by people with great devotion for her contribution of peace and ensuring the security of earth from wicked demons.
Essay on Dashain

Really, the legends of Dashain shows a very fact difference between good and evil.  It commemorates the great win by gods over wicked demons. The story is still very popular among Nepalese moms to guide their children and to repel them from bad deeds. Actually, the story was the end of the demon “Mahisasura” who was blessed to not to be defeated by any man or animal in all the three worlds i.e. Swarga (heaven), Narka (hell), earth) (Bhu Lok) by Lord Brahma.

It is written that when the demon Mahisasura got the blessings from Lord Brahma he started terrorism and conflict all over the three worlds. As he was blessed, even lord Vishnu or Mahadev or Brahma himself could defeat him. But not remembering one thing that he had the blessings of only bring undefeated from men or animals goddess Parvathi took the incarnation of goddess Durga for his end. So Dashain festival commemorates the fierce battle of nine days between goddess Durga and her nine manifestations known as Navaratri. 

And in the tenth-day goddess, Durga finally slew Mahisasura and ensures world peace and security. Similarly, there is also another story that may be very familiar to you and it is the story about Ramayana. The story depicts the death of ten head demon Ravana who was a scientist and a good governor of his country. Actually, he was a very good person but because he was arrogant and was attracted to other females (Rams wife) he got the post if demon.

 The story is at the time of treat yuga when Ravana was very powerful and a genius guy. But because of his arrogance and greediness, he used to exploit other property. Similarly, Ravana being attracted towards Sita he kidnapped her with false and kept her under his custody for may days. Her husband Ram who loved her very much declared war against Ravana with monkey’s army for his wife’s rescue. He was helped by one of the Ravenna’s best brother Bhibhisan. 

Finally, at the end of the war Ram killed Ravana and rescued his wife due to blessings of goddess Durga. Therefore, in a nutshell, we can conclude that Dashain is celebrated for the victory of good over bad, truth or false and god over evil.
Essay on Dashain

As this great festival occurs during autumn people enjoy in such a moist and humid environment. Every there is greenery during this season. In the countryside, the crops grow at the middle of their age when they look really ravishing and provides relaxation During the preparation of this festival people clean their houses paint it and make their old creepy house look newer and younger. 

This is the time where all of the people all around the country visit to their home village, district, city or town. At this time from Kathmandu valley, more than 50% of its population decreases. This is a very good time for markets because young people and children are likely to get some new clothes and other accessories. Similarly, adult people buy many luxury items. 

As there is a very high demand for each and every item in the market. We can find many offers and special as well as heavy discounts and special discount given by different shops and companies to attract customers towards them. Also wandering around the market all over Nepal is very enjoyable as all the market is fully covered with luxury items and decorated, filled with many people and the pleasant environment.

Dashain is celebrated for fifteen days where the first day is known as Ghatasthapana, second as Duittiya, third as Tritiya, fourth as Chaturthi, fifth as Panchami, sixth as Kshasti, seventh as Saptami, eight as Ashtami, ninth as Nawami, tenth day as Dashami, eleventh as Ekadasi, Twelve as Duadasi, Thirteenth as Trayodasi, Fourteenth day as Chaturdasi and fifteenth as Kojagrat Purnima. 
Essay on Dashain
On the first-day people sow maize and Barley seeds and some devoted people conduct Navaratri. On the seventh day is also known as Fulpati, people worship goddess Durga with alit of flowers. Most of the people start eating goat meat considering it as holy food. We can find goat cut down in the streets throughout all over any city, town or village here. 

Some of the diehard fans of goat meat even start taking goat meat from the beginning of the festival. On the eight-day people cut down and he-goat in front of goddess Durga (actually statue or in Durga temple) and eat its meat. Finally, on the day of Dashami people put Teekas (a mixture of rice, curd, and vermilion), Jamaras, (and blessings from their elders. 

Some Aryan people also have the culture of putting Teeka during the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15t day. Some people also play Kauda on the 15th day of Dashain. However, about every elder family member in a family have a culture if playing cards in their family. Besides other gambling games are also popularly played in various villages in Nepal as well as in some towns.

Dashain is a very important festival for Hindus however people with low income and weak economy level it is a curse. People cannot fulfill the family needs and get sad and unhappy even in the greatest festival of Dashain. The competition among rich families and the struggle of middle-level families really add sadness to the celebration of the festival.

Authored by Shlok Koirala

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