ICT and Education ICT and Education
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ICT and Education

ICT and Education

ICT and Education

ICT is an abbreviated form of Information and Communication technology. It is the integration of Telecommunication technology and communication technology. ICT and education are bonded together. All the idea, technology, views, aspects are education. ICT is one of the superior technology that we have experienced in this era.

Education is the knowledge and skill that we acquire from everything that we see, hear and experience. ICT and Education are closely related to each other. They are interrelated amongst their different forms and aspects.

In this age, most of us use ICT for various educational purposes. You are reading this article right now, and this means, you are being informed (educated). In schools, colleges, and universities, ICT is used for e-classroom, e-learning, etc. We use projectors, computers, laptops for educational purposes. Distant education has been possible only because of ICT.

 Likewise, health education can also be imparted through the use of ICT. We learn about causes and symptoms along with their preventive measures from ICT. Distant treatment can be done through ICT. When these two aspects are combined, a country can prosper through development, advancement, and innovation. The third world countries are not being able to progress and one of the reason is not having ICT.

When we separate ICT from education, we would still be in the same age where we used to struggle for a bit of information. We would be living in the age where Gurus used to teach students in the Ashrams/ Gurukul.

ICT broadens the dimension of education. Getting the required information in a click and in fractions of seconds has really reduced time and effort for being educated.

However, ICT is the result of education and we must never forget that "Education gave birth to ICT". Machines and technologies were created by brains. Moreover, the wise use of ICT is has been mandatory in the context of the current scenario where most of us have been being busy exploiting the ICT for entertainment purpose. That has severe consequences in the long run and the day is not near that we will be ruled by ICT.
Authored by: Chiran Pokharel

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