Names of Arjuna Names of Arjuna
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Names of Arjuna


Names of Arjuna

  1. Arjuna - shining or famous like silver
  2. Phalgun - one born under the star named ‘Uttara Phalguni’
  3. Jishnu - triumphant
  4. Kiritin - one who wears the celestial diadem, Kiriti, presented by Lord Indra
  5. Shwetavahaba - one with white horses drawing his chariot
  6. Bibhatsu - one who always fights wars in a fair manner
  7. Vijaya - always wins in a war
  8. Partha - son of Pritha(another name for Kunti)
  9. Savyasachin - ambidextrous
  10. Dhananjaya - one who brings prosperity and wealth in the land he goes to
  11. Gudakesha - someone who has control over his sleep
  12. Kapidhwaja - having the flag of Kapi (Hanuman) in his chariot.
  13. Parantapa - one who concentrates the most, destroyer of enemies by his concentration
  14. Gandivadhanvan - one who possessed the mighty bow ‘Gandiva’ which was created by Lord Brahma
  15. Gandivadhara - Gandiva holder
  16. Madhyapandava - the third Pandava, younger than Yudhishthir and Bhima and older than Nakul and Sahadeva.

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