Names of Lord Shiva Names of Lord Shiva
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Names of Lord Shiva

Names of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva has the following names:

AUM SHIVAYA NAMAHA (the Auspicious One)


AUM SHAMBHAVE NAMAHA (the God who exists for our happiness alone)

AUM PINAKINE NAMAHA (Shiva, who guards the path of dharma)

AUM SHASHISHEKHARAYA NAMAHA (God who wears the crescent moon in his hair)

AUM VAMADEVAYA NAMAHA (God who is pleasing and auspicious in every way)

AUM VIRUPAKSHAYA NAMAHA (the God of the spotless form)

AUM KAPARDINE NAMAHA (Lord with thickly matted hair)

AUM NILALOHITAYA NAMAHA (God splendid as the red sun at daybreak)

AUM SHANKARAYA NAMAHA (the source of all prosperity)

AUM SHULAPANAYE NAMAHA (God who carries a spear)

AUM KHATVANGINE NAMAHA (God who carries a knurled club)

AUM VISHNUVALLABHAYA NAMAHA (Shiva, who is dear to Lord Vishnu)

AUM SHIPIVISHTAYA NAMAHA (Lord whose form emits great rays of light)


AUM SHRIKANTAYA NAMAHA (whose throat is shining blue)

AUM BHAKTAVATSALAYA NAMAHA (Lord who loves His devotees like newborn calves)

AUM BHAVAYA NAMAHA (the God who is existence itself)

AUM SARVAYA NAMAHA (Shiva who is all)

AUM TRILOKESHAYA NAMAHA (Shiva who is the Lord of all the three worlds)

AUM SHITAKANTHAYA NAMAHA (primal soul whose throat is deep blue)

AUM SHIVAPRIYAYA NAMAHA (the god who is dear to Shakti)

AUM UGRAYA NAMAHA (Shiva whose presence is awesome and overwhelming)

AUM KAPALINE NAMAHA (God whose begging bowl is a human skull)

AUM KAMARAYE NAMAHA (Shiva who conquers all passions)

AUM ANDHAKASURA SUDANAYA NAMAHA (Lord who killed the asura Andhaka)

AUM GANGADHARAYA NAMAHA (God who holds the Ganges River in his hair)

AUM LALATAKSHAYA NAMAHA (the Lord whose sport is creation)

AUM KALAKALAYA NAMAHA (Shiva who is the death of death)

AUM KRIPANIDHAYE NAMAHA (God who is the treasure of compassion)

AUM BHIMAYA NAMAHA (Shiva whose strength is awesome)

AUM PARASHU HASTAYA NAMAHA (God who wields an axe in his hands)

AUM MRIGAPANAYAE NAMAHA (Lord who looks after soul in wilds)

AUM JATADHARAYA NAMAHA (Shiva who has matted hair)

AUM KAILASAVASINE NAMAHA (God whose house is in Mount Kailas)

AUM KAVACHINE NAMAHA (Lord who is wrapped in armor)

AUM KATHORAYA NAMAHA (Shiva who causes all growth)

AUM TRIPURANTAKAYA NAMAHA (Lord who destroyed the three demonic cities)

AUM VRISHANKAYA NAMAHA (God whose emblem is a bull (Nandi))

AUM VRISHABHARUDHAYA NAMAHA (Shiva who rides a bull)


AUM SAMAPRIYAYA NAMAHA (God exceedingly fond of hymns from the Sama Veda)

AUM SVARAMAYAYA NAMAHA (Shiva who creates through sound)

AUM TRAYIMURTAYE NAMAHA (Lord who is worshiped in three forms)


AUM SARVAGYAYA NAMAHA (God who knows all things)


AUM SAUMASURAGNI LOCHANAYA NAMAHA (the light of the eyes of Soma, Surya and Agni)

AUM HAVISHE NAMAHA (Shiva who receives oblations of ghee)

AUM YAGYAMAYAYA NAMAHA (the architect of all sacrificial rites)

AUM SAUMAYA NAMAHA (the Moon-glow of the mystic's vision)

AUM PANCHAVAKTRAYA NAMAHA (the God of the five activities)

AUM SADASHIVAYA NAMAHA (the eternally auspicious benevolent Shiva)

AUM VISHVESHVARAYA NAMAHA (all-pervading ruler of the cosmos)

AUM VIRABHADRAYA NAMAHA (Shiva the foremost of heroes)



AUM HIRANYARETASE NAMAHA (God who emanates golden souls)

AUM DURDHARSHAYA NAMAHA (the unconquerable being)

AUM GIRISHAYA NAMAHA (the monarch of the holy mountain Kailas)

AUM GIRISHAYA NAMAHA ( Lord of the Himalayas)

AUM ANAGHAYA NAMAHA (Shiva who can inspire no fear)

AUM BUJANGABHUSHANAYA NAMAHA (Lord adorned with golden snakes)

AUM BHARGAYA NAMAHA (the foremost of rishis)

AUM GIRIDHANVANE NAMAHA (God whose weapon is a mountain)

AUM GIRIPRIYAYA NAMAHA (Lord who is fond of mountains)

AUM KRITTIVASASE NAMAHA (God who wears clothes of hides)

AUM PURARATAYE NAMAHA (Lord who is thoroughly at home in the wilderness)

AUM BHAGAVATE NAMAHA (the Lord of prosperity)

AUM PRAMATHADHIPAYA NAMAHA (God who is served by goblins)

AUM MRITUNJAYAYA NAMAHA (conqueror of death)

AUM SUKSHMATANAVE NAMAHA (the subtlest of the subtle)

AUM JAGADVYAPINE NAMAHA (Shiva who fills the whole world)

AUM JAGADGURAVE NAMAHA (the guru of all the worlds)

AUM VYAUMAKESHAYA NAMAHA (God whose hair is the spreading sky above)

AUM MAHASENAJANAKAYA NAMAHA ( the origin of Mahasena)

AUM CHARUVIKRAMAYA NAMAHA (Shiva, the guardian of wandering pilgrims)

AUM RUDRAYA NAMAHA (Lord who is fit to be praised)

AUM BHUTAPATAYE NAMAHA (the source of living creatures, including the Bhutas, or ghostly creatures)

AUM STHANAVE NAMAHA (firm and immovable deity)

AUM AHIRBUDHNYAYA NAMAHA (Lord who waits for the sleeping kundalini)

AUM DIGAMBARAYA NAMAHA (Shiva whose robes is the cosmos)

AUM ASHTAMURTAYE NAMAHA (Lord who has eight forms)

AUM ANEKATMANE NAMAHA (God who is the one soul)

AUM SATVIKAYA NAMAHA (Lord of boundless energy)

AUM SHUDDHA VIGRAHAYA NAMAHA (who is free of all doubt and dissension0

AUM SHASHVATAYA NAMAHA (endless and eternal)

AUM KHANDAPARASHAVE NAMAHA (God who cuts through the mind's despair)

AUM AJAYA NAMAHA (the instigator of all that occurs)

AUM PAPAVIMOCHAKAYA NAMAHA (the Lord who releases all fetters)

AUM MRIDAYA NAMAHA (Lord who shows only mercy)

AUM PASHUPATAYE NAMAHA (ruler of all evolving souls, the animals)

AUM DEVAYA NAMAHA (foremost of devas, demigods)

AUM MAHADEVAYA NAMAHA (greatest of the gods)

AUM AVYAYAYA NAMAHA (one never subject to change)

AUM HARAYE NAMAHA (Shiva who dissolves all bondage)

AUM PASHUDANTABHIDE NAMAHA (one who punished Pushan)

AUM AVYAGRAYA NAMAHA (Lord who is steady and unwavering)

AUM DAKSHADHVARAHARAYA NAMAHA (destroyer of Daksha's conceited sacrifice)

AUM HARAYA NAMAHA (Lord who withdraws the cosmos)

AUM BHAGANETRABHIDE NAMAHA (Shiva who taught Bhaga to see more clearly)

AUM AVYAKTAYA NAMAHA (Shiva who is subtle and unseen)

AUM SAHASRAKSHAYA NAMAHA (Lord of limitless forms)

AUM SAHASRAPADE NAMAHA (God who is standing and walking everywhere)

AUM APAVARGAPRADAYA NAMAHA (Lord who gives and takes all things)

AUM ANANTAYA NAMAHA (God who is unending)

AUM TARAKAYA NAMAHA (great liberator of mankind)


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