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Ram Navami 

This year, Ram Navami is on April 2, 2020 A.D, (Chaitra 20, 2076 B.S). Unlike the previous year, when Chaite Dashain and Ram Navami were observed on the same day, i.e. April 13, 2019 A.D, this year the same festivals have fallen on April 1 and April 2 respectively.

The celebration of Ram Navami corresponds to a number of interesting stories from Hindu Epic, ‘The Ramayana’. One such story is as follows; One day during their forest exile, Ram and Sita were playing hide and seek. During the play, God Rama, all of a sudden, hides for a longer time and Sita finds it difficult to seek him. Then, Sita sings a melodious plead for her beloved husband Ram which has been transcribed by various religious philosophers and priests.

Let’s see a part of the transcription in English, exclusively on HamroLibrary.

Sita pleads,
  “Dear Rama, where have you hidden,
return Rama, please lighten your heart,
This world is made up of male and female,
one in the absence of other is all vain
my whole world without you suffers a lot,
return Rama, please lighten your heart…”

A lot many other quotes, poems, and rhymes have been formed by various priests and religious philosophers concentrating on the life of God Rama and Sita. On Ram Navami, people in India and Nepal showcase various stage programs like Rama Leela depicting the conjugal Life of Lord Ram and his wife Sita through the medium of such similar rhymes, poems, and stories.

Ram Navami is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the same Lord Rama, the husband of Sita (Daughter of Mithila king ‘Janaka’). This festival is also celebrated to remark the victory of Truth over lies, Good over evils, Light over darkness’. The followers of eternal Hindu religion in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Fiji Island, South Africa and also Indonesia celebrate Ram Navami with great devotion to Lord Rama by worshipping him.

 Almost all of those Ram temples in the world are crowded on Ram Navami. People organize stage dramas, cultural dances, sing songs, rhymes and poems to make this day more live and bring in more charm. The female devotees take fasting on this day and end the fasting by worshiping god Rama.

During this festival day, the Ram Janaki temple in Janakpur, Nepal is crowded by the devotees. Janakpur Dham of Nepal is the birthplace of goddess Sita and this is the particular place where Lord Rama and Sita were married to each other. So, it is obvious that this place is crowded. People from all over Nepal and foreigners visit a pilgrim to this holy place.

After a hallowed bath in holy rivers of these countries, the devotees pay a visit to Ram Janaki Temples that are nearby. Most of the Hindus remain awake overnight and sing songs related to Ram and his life. 

They read out the holy Epic Ramayana. Ram Navami is important in religious, social and cultural aspects. People get to learn a lot from his life. Among all, ‘Love’, ‘Truth’, and ‘Sacrifice’ are the main things to learn. 

Rama had done a great sacrifice as he was ready to give his name and life to fulfill his father’s orders and was ready to smile for 14 years of exile. This is mentioned in the ancient Hindu religion based holy book, Ramayana. Saint writers and Dignified philosophers state that the name of Rama opens the door of the truth to us. So, it is obviously significant to celebrate Ram Navami.

The happiness of arrival of Lord Rama as the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu on this auspicious day of Chaitra Shukla Navami (Ram Navami) is celebrated with enthusiasm and reverence for thousands of years.

According to the research conducted to date, Lord Ram was born in 7339 B.C in the mid-time period. According to Valmiki Purana, Lord Ram was born with five high planets (Astrology). Due to the usual care of Ram, all the dignity that should be maintained within the family, society and the state, his justice, he is said as dignified/ Peerless among men (Maryada Purushottam).

Ram is considered as the most pioneer God in Vedic eternal Hindu culture. Similarly, Ram's splits were three brothers named Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughna. Bharat's mother Kaekeyi had deceived King Dasaratha by mistake and sent Ram for 14 years of forest exile. 

But because of Rama's favorite devotees, Bharat also wants to go with Rama on the forest. As Rama doesn’t agree, Bharat puts Ram’s slippers (Kharu) on the throne and continues the rule.

Hanuman is the best friend of Lord Ram. Rama’s devotee Hanuman is also the main character of the Ramayana. While talking about Rama and Ravan, in southern Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka and the Maldives, even now, Ravana is worshipped as Rama. 

Even though it was not involved in the Ramayana, Ravana was a very wise king. However, he abducted Sita from the forest in disguise of a saint and held her captive for several years when finally, Rama, along with the help of Hanuman conquered Ravana and freed Sita to take her back.

As the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, Ram had conquered against the misconduct and injustice of the false king Ravana. Ram, who was born as the firstborn son of Dasarath, married Mithila princess Sita, the daughter of King Janak. 

The horoscope of Ram and Ravana was the same. The only difference was in the settle (lagna). Similarly, Lord Rama is worshiped as a Yuga Putra due to the slaughter of the Ravana and giving relief to the residents of the Ayodhya state.

Ram, his truth and dignity are an exemplary instance for everyone in the world. That is why even after these many countless years, people celebrate Ram Navami with endless excitement.

Let the truth win and let the blessings of Rama Navami give us the courage, to tell the truth.

Jay Ram Navami!

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