Download Ijoriya | Izoria | Ijoria (इजोरिया) pdf novel free Download Ijoriya | Izoria | Ijoria (इजोरिया) pdf novel free

Download Ijoriya | Izoria | Ijoria (इजोरिया) pdf novel free

About Ijoriya/ Izoria/ Ijoria

Would you like to download Subin Bhattarai's book "Ijoriya"? if so, you've come to the right place.

Izoria (इजोरिया), sometimes written as Ijoriya or Ejoria, means "Juneli" (connected to the Moon) in Maithili. Subin Bhattarai is a novelist who wrote Izoria. The story in the book "Izoria" is complex. The story's author, Bhattarai, highlights the family members' love, hatred, and struggle. Bhattarai has written tales centered on Kathmandu in all of his previous volumes and has traveled to the Terai to record the tale this time.

In each book, Subin tries something novel. Summer Love, the story's main character, gains linguistic, passion, and geographic strength as he travels to Izoria with his lover Sufi. His works on psychological relationships are timeless.

Subin is a trendsetter who never settles for familiarity. Subin's new John Chumer from this novel will astound every reader.

It is a tale of friendship, Izoria. Izoria is a woman's tale. The narrative of Terai is Izoria. Izoria is a tale of freedom. Izoria is a tale of adoration and love. Izoria is a musical epic that was created with love.

Ijoria, a new book by well-known author Subin Bhattarai, has just been released. Ijoria was introduced during a special program by Prajna-Pratishthan, Kathmandu, in honor of Kitab Jatra.

The book was made public by inviting the audience members who were taking part in the presentation to display the books they had taken. Samriddhi Raila, a singer, also performed music at the occasion.

Bhattarai, whose novels "Summer Love" and "Saaya" are well-known, recently disclosed to publisher Ajit Baralle that he is broadening the scope of his writing. "I feel that every new Subin book is different from the one before it. "He has emerged as a completely different writer when it comes to 'Ijoria,'" Baralle claimed. "His latest work seems to be particularly pertinent at a time when occurrences of sexual abuse are rising. Additionally, it encourages discussion of sexual violence.

Nepali novelist Subin Bhattarai is a national best-seller. Author Bhattarai stated during the show that his book "Ijoria" is a complex tale. He claims to have chosen love, hate, and conflict among family members as his topic.

Bhattarai authored all of his earlier books with a strong focus on Kathmandu. His persona also started to emphasize the city. He has returned to Terai this time to chronicle the narrative.

No matter where the story is set or who is writing it, the issue raised in "Ijoria" is not only a geographical issue but also an international one. We get the impression that these individuals are merely exemplars when we read the story. There is a sense that the story's characters are not limited by geography or other physical boundaries.

Download Ijoria Pdf Novel

You can download the pdf file of Ijoria from this link. However, you need to pay for the book as we need to promote the author's efforts. Bhattarai has sacrificed several dimensions of life to come up with this masterpiece ‘Ijoriya,’ and hence, you need to download ‘Ijoriya’ after payment. The novel is not as expensive as it offers to the readers.

So, you can happily download the Ijoriya pdf book from the provided link, as others with similar interests love it.

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