Authors/ Contributors' list

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Here is the list of our contributors and Authors. We have only included some of the names while others chose to remain hidden.

Authors/ Contributors of

1. Manish Pokharel (M. Ed in Nepali)
2. Shivam Sharma (M. A in English)
3. Kritisha Rana ( M.Sc)
4. Saurav Chhetri (Student)
5. Dipak Bista (Student)
6. Jivan Shrestha (Student)
7. Biplav Rauniyar (Management student)
8. Shlok Koirala (Student)
9. Abhi Uranw (Student)
10. Girish Regmi (Student)
11. Bishal Mandal (Student)
12. Chiran Pokharel (Student)

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