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"Healthy environment supports a healthy life." Justify.

Man is a component of the environment. He conducts all his activities in the environment. He uses the resources of the environment for his survival. So, if the environment is healthy, a person living in that environment can also remain healthy.

The healthy environment promotes a healthy life. People can remain healthy in a good environment. They also get encouraged to maintain their personal cleanliness. A person gets knowledge from other people about a healthy environment and the ways of remaining healthy.

If the environment is healthy, all the people can remain physically and mentally fit and healthy and if they are physically and mentally fit and healthy, they can live a healthy and happy life. So, we can say that "Healthy environment supports a healthy and happy life".

"Health education helps us to be free from fatal diseases." Justify.

Health education is an education related to health. It always encourages a person to live a healthy life. It gives knowledge to a person about the ways of being healthy. It also provides knowledge about different other things for living a healthy life.

Health education provides knowledge about different diseases and the ways to prevent them. It also gives education about the transmission of different communicable diseases. It makes us known about good healthy habits that help us to remain free from diseases. It creates public awareness about different diseases. when people get health education, they become aware of the different symptoms of diseases and their preventive measures. They stop being superstitious and consider serious medical treatment measures.

So, we can say that "Health education helps to be free from fatal diseases".

Mention any five experiences of health which can be obtained from the school.

School is an institution where students can get an education. It provides health education formally or informally. Students can learn many health experiences from school. Some experiences of health which students can obtain from school are: -
  • They learn to keep the proper sanitation in school and at their home.
  • They learn to dispose of wastes properly.
  • Students learn to maintain their personal hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Students learn to utilize health services in schools.
  • Students learn to keep the classroom and school premises clean.
  • They learn about first aid treatment.
  • They get knowledge about causes, symptoms and preventive measures of different diseases.

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