Class 11 Economics (New Course | New Syllabus) Notes Class 11 Economics (New Course | New Syllabus) Notes

Class 11 Economics (New Course | New Syllabus) Notes

economics class 11 notes

Chapter 1: Basic Concept of Economics and Allocation of Resources

1.1 Meaning and definition of economics

1.6 Factors of production
a. Land, Feature/ Characteristics of land
b. Labour, Features/ Characteristics of labor
------- Factors affecting Demand (Detail)
-------Difference between Desire and Demand
-------Law of Demand
-------Causes of Demand curve sloping downwards
-------Exceptions or Limitations of the law of demand
-------Demand Schedule, Demand curve, the Demand equation
-------Individual and Market demand curves

Chapter 3: Elasticity of Demand and Supply

3.1 Elasticity
3.2 Elasticity of Demand
a. Price elasticity of demand
b. Income elasticity of demand

Chapter 6: Introduction to Macroeconomics

Basic concepts of Macroeconomics
Scope of macroeconomics

Chapter 9: Economic Development, Growth, and Capital Formation

Chapter 10: Overview of the Nepalese Economy

Geographical location and area of Nepal

Chapter 11: Natural resources of Nepal

Chapter 13: Manufacturing and Tourism Industries in Nepal

Manufacturing Industries in Nepal (Concept, history, types, importance, and problems)
Tourism Industry (Concept, types, importance, problems, current situation, prospects)

Problems and solutions for Transport and Communication problems in Nepal

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