Class 11 Economics

economics class 11 notes

Part A: Basic Concepts of Economics

Chapter 1: Nature of Economics

1.1 Meaning and definition of economics

Chapter 2: Basic Concepts and Issues

2.1 Factors of production
a. Land, Feature/ Characteristics of land
b. Labour, Features/ Characteristics of labor
c. Capital, Features/ characteristics of capital.

Chapter 3: Demand and Supply

3.1 Market economy
------- Features of the market economy

3.2 Demand and Factors Affecting Demand
-------Difference between Desire and Demand
-------Law of Demand
-------Causes of Demand curve sloping downwards
-------Exceptions or Limitations of the law of demand
-------Demand Schedule, Demand curve, the Demand equation
-------Individual and Market demand curves

Part B: Development Economics

Chapter 4: Meaning and indicators of economic development

4.1 Concept of economic development
4.2 Characteristics of Developing countries
4.3 Capital formation Process
4.4 Indicators of economic development
4.5 Unemployment and its types

Chapter 5: Poverty and inequality

5.1 Poverty
5.2 Inequality
5.3 Characteristics of the poor
5.4 Current Situation of Poverty in Nepal
5.5 Causes of Poverty
5.6 Measures to control poverty

Chapter 6: Human Resources

6.1 Human resource and Role of human resource in Economic Development
6.2 Concept of Human Development
6.3 Current status of Nepal's Population
6.4 Causes of high population Growth
6.5 Consequences of High population Growth
6.6 Remedial measures for population growth in Nepal
6.7 Difference between Human beings and Human resources

Chapter 7: Development Planning

7.1 Concept of Planning
7.2 Current periodic plan of Nepal
7.3 General Evaluation of the immediate past plan
7.4 Process of plan formulation in Nepal
7.5 Plan formulation process

Part C: Nepalese Economy

Chapter 8: Overview of the Nepalese Economy

8.1 Geographical location and area of Nepal

Chapter 9: Natural resources of Nepal

------ Importance of Water resource
------ Uses of Water resource
------ Sources of Water resource
------ Potentiality of hydroelectricity
------ Current situation of Water resource
------ Importance of forest resource
------ Current situation of forest resource
------ Causes of deforestation
------ Consequences of deforestation
------ Importance of Mineral resource
------ Current situation of Mineral resource
------ Problems of mineral resource extraction

9.2 Environment and Natural resource Management for sustainable development
------ Natural resource
------ Concept of natural resource management
------ Need for natural resource management
------ Consequences of Environment mismanagement
------ Problems and remedial measures of natural resource management

Chapter 10: Agriculture

10.1 Agriculture and Importance of Agriculture

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