Exceptions / Limitations of Law of supply

Exceptions / Limitations of Law of supply:

Exceptions / Limitations of Law of supply

  1. Expectations of a fall in price:
If the firms anticipate that the price of the product will fall further in future, in order to clear their stocks they may dispose it off at a price that is even lower than the current market price.
  1. Auction sale:
If the seller is in need of hard cash, he may sell his product at a price which may even be below the market price.
  1. Clearance sale:
If the firms want to shut down or close down their business, they may sell their products at a price below their average cost of production.
  1. Agricultural output:
In agricultural production, natural and seasonal factors play a dominant role. Due to the influence of these constraints supply may not be responsive to price changes.
  1. The backward sloping supply curve of labor:
The rise in the price of a good or service sometimes leads to a fall in its supply. The best example is the supply of labor. A higher wage rate enables the worker to maintain his existing material standard of living with less work, and he may prefer extra leisure to more wages.

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