HSEB/ NEB GPA Calculator in Nepal HSEB/ NEB GPA Calculator in Nepal

HSEB/ NEB GPA Calculator in Nepal


'Grade Point Average' in HSEB/NEB exams

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10+2 HSEB/ NEB Letter grading system Nepal:

HSEB/ NEB letter grading system has been implemented in Nepal for all +2 programs. This system has replaced the traditional system (percentage method) of evaluation in +2 as well as SEE/ SLC. National Examination Board NEB (Initially HSEB: Higher Secondary Education Board) has been implementing this system of GPA (Grade Point Average) since the academic session of 2073 B.S in Nepal.

 It was decided to be implemented by the then council chairman of HSEB and Education minister Mr. Giriraj Mani Pokharel. The letter grading system was introduced to meet the international system of evaluation for Exams. This is one of the technical evolution in the evaluation system of education in Nepal.

Letter Grading System in Nepal for Grade 11 and 12

Marks Obtained
GPA Range
A +
From 90 to 100
3.60 - 4.00
From 80 to 89
3.20 - 3.60
B +
From 70 to 79
2.80 - 3.20
Very Good
From 60 to 69
2.40 - 2.80
C +
From 50 to 59
2.00 - 2.40
From 40 to 49
1.60 - 2.00
D +
From 30 to 39
1.20 - 1.60
Partially Acceptable
From 20 to 29
0.80 - 1.20
From 0 to 19
0.00 - 0.80
Very Insufficient

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  1. Is there a standard way to convert Grade Point of each subject to Marks or do we just take Average like taking 84.5 for A grade?


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