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What is Article Submission?

Article submission is a process of submitting articles for publishing. Article submission can be online or offline. You might choose to publish your article online on websites or directories or offline (magazines, newspapers, reports, etc). However, here we are talking about online article submission. This is done to drive in maximum traffic to your website, create backlinks or establish an online presence.

How does Article submission benefits?

Article submission is common nowadays for getting backlinks, but there are other benefits too rather than only backlinks. What if you want to make your online presence and want to be noted by others but you don't have a good platform? Submitting article is not only for website or blog owners. It is also for those who want to create values and assist others with the information they have.

Hamrolibrary is such a great platform for you with years of online services to students, teachers, academic professionals and personnel, general people and has been publishing contents online since 2014. With lots of traffic, you can get many readers for your contents/ articles. You can build your online reputation. There are more than 20 contributors to date and increasing. This makes one of the largest directory interactive site. If you want to send/ submit your own original article, then we welcome you to the family.

Hamrolibrary does not pay any individual at the beginning for their articles as ads are the only source of sustaining our technical costs. However, we will share 50% of the ad revenue to our Contributors/ Authors for the ad clicks generated by their articles and we will also include their name on our Author list page. If you wish, we will provide you a backlink to your website (if you have one). We accept articles related to various subjects, academic, teaching-learning, educational news and events, information about festivals and events around the world, course contents, etc.

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Each article will be manually read, proofread, tested and published. If your article gets published, we will send you the link of the published article at your email address so that you can share it in your favorite social platforms.

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