Problems of Mineral Resource Development in Nepal


Problems of Mineral Resource Development in Nepal:

1. Lack of Scientific Feasibility Study: Although Nepal is rich in the field of mineral resources, however, forecasting of mineral resource development is mostly based on soil tests rather than space forecasting. Thus, lack of scientific feasibility study is a major problem in the field of the mineral resource sector.

2. Lack of Capital: Mineral resource development and its utilization require a huge amount of capital. However, a sufficient amount of capital required to extract mineral items is not available in the country.

3. Lack of Advanced Technology: Mineral resource development requires advanced technology for its proper utilization. However, due to a poor technological base, advanced technology is not available in the country.

4. Lack of Skilled Human Resource: Skilled human resources, engineers and technicians are not sufficiently available in Nepal. It also hampers to take maximum benefit from mineral resources.

5. High Cost of Production: Primitive technology, lack of capital, and lack of skilled manpower have collectively contributed to increasing the cost of production of mineral resources. The high cost of production does not allow mineral resources present in the country to create its market in foreign countries.

6. Poor Implementation of Government Policy: Although the government has developed different policies regarding mineral resource development, yet, the government policy has not been properly implemented in various places of the country.

7. Political Instability:
Due to huge instability in politics, the government has not been able to develop a scientific policy for mineral resource development which in return has damaged the mineral resource sector.

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