Communication and its importance in Nepal


Communication is the exchange of thoughts, messages, information, etc by way of speech, signals, or writing. Communication is another important infrastructure of development. In the world of globalization, trade and business can be possible at the international level through better coordination and communication with each other. 

Communication has been a boon today to enter the global network of the market, medicine, and education. People today practice boundaryless business due to the availability of communication facilities like the internet, email, telephone, etc. 

Role/ Significance/ importance of communication in Nepal:

1. Increase in GDP: The different means of communication contribute a sizeable proportion of GDP in Nepal. Almost 2% of GDP is obtained from the communication sector.

2. Efficient Administration: The administrative events of one department can easily be communicated with other departments with the help of scientific means of communication. The exchange of activities within different departments helps to increase efficiency management in administrative departments.

3. Increase in Educational Facility:
The different means of communication facilitates the quality of education in the country. The informative and analytical information is supplied by different modes of communication.

4. Acceleration in E-Commerce: The business activities in the domestic economy along with foreign countries can be accelerated and promoted with the help of electronic means of communication.

5. Increase in Government Revenue: The government obtains huge revenue through proper management of different means of communication.

6. Sustainable Economic Development:
The different means of communication helps to promote commercial activities, industrial development, GDP of the country, tourism development, and educational development. All these components help to promote and maintain sustainable economic development.

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