Current Situation of Forest Resources in Nepal

Current Situation of Forest Resources in Nepal

Current Situation of Forest Resources:

According to Economic Survey 2018/19, 30.8% of the total land area of the world is covered by forest, this area is equivalent to 0.6 hectares per person and 422 trees per person.

In Nepal, forest occupies a total of 59,402 sq. km which is 40.4% of the total area of the country. Other shrub land covers 6447 sq. km (4.4%). Forest and shrubland together represent 44.8% of the total area of the country. This implies that there are 0.2 hectares of forest areas and 111 trees per person in Nepal. According to the landscape distribution of forest areas, the mid-hill has the highest coverage and the Terai has the lowest coverage.

At present, about 23.3% of the total area is covered with national parks, wildlife reserves, conservation areas, hunting reserves, and buffer zones. Out of the total 20 protected forest areas, 12 National Parks, One Wildlife Reserve (Koshi Tappu), One Hunting Reserve (Dhorpatan), Two Conservation Areas (Apinampa and Krishnasar) have been preserved through the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation. Three Conservation Areas (Annapurna, Manasalu, and Gaurishankar) have been preserved through National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) and One Conservation Area (Kanchanjunga) has been managed by the local community.

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