Importance of Mineral Resources in Nepal Importance of Mineral Resources in Nepal
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Importance of Mineral Resources in Nepal


Role/ Importance of Mineral Resources:

1. Industrial Development: Nepal is one of the richest countries in the field of mineral resources. On the basis of the availability of mineral items, varieties of mineral-based industries can be established in Nepal. Thus, industrial development is likely to be promoted through mineral resource development in Nepal.

2. Agricultural Development: On the basis of available mineral items as limestone, iron, and steel, industries like chemical fertilizer and agricultural tool industries can be developed in Nepal. Thus, mineral resource development promotes agricultural development.

3. Development of Transport Engineering: On the basis of available metallic mineral elements there is an adequate possibility of producing light and heavy vehicles in Nepal. Thus, the geographical disadvantage is likely to be simplified by mineral resources through transport engineering.

4. Increase in Employment Opportunities: Mineral resource development promotes agricultural and industrial development alongwith the development of transport engineering. All these sectors help to create employment opportunities within the country.

5. Increase in Government Revenue: Government obtains revenue by selling mineral resource products in domestic and foreign markets. Thus, government income is also supported by the mineral resource sector in Nepal.

6. Sustainable Economic Development: Mineral resource development improves the economic status of the country. It also promotes the development of various economic and social sectors. All these components help to maintain sustainable economic development in the country.

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