Role or Importance of Water Resources:


Role or Importance of Water Resources:

1. Source of Hydroelectricity: There are almost 6000 rivers and rivulets in Nepal and most of the big rivers are connected with the mountain regions. Due to the huge source of water resources, there is the possibility of generating 83000 MW of hydroelectricity in Nepal.

2. Irrigation Facility: Nepal is basically an agricultural predominant country but even then a sizeable proportion of Nepalese agriculture depends on monsoon irrigation. The huge source of water resources can properly be utilized in supplying irrigation facilities to the agricultural sector in Nepal.

3. Drinking Water: Drinking water management is the basic requirement of human beings. The huge source of water resources can be utilized by the government in supplying pure and safe drinking water sufficiently to Nepalese households.

4. Conservation of Forest: On the basis of water resources if hydroelectricity is generated as an alternative source of energy then people will not destroy forests to serve the motive of cooking fuelwood. Thus, forests can be conserved in Nepal through hydroelectricity as an alternative source of energy.

5. Industrial Development: Water resource management is also helpful to promote the development of the industrial sector. The water resource is needed to maintain the status of industrial development.

6. Increase in Government Revenue: Government can earn revenue through hydroelectricity, irrigation tax, and by selling and charging for drinking water supply.

7. Agricultural Development: Water resource always supports irrigation through management of water resources. The scientific development of irrigation leads to promote the development of the agricultural sector.

8. Sustainable Development: Water resource management promotes hydroelectricity generation, agricultural and industrial development and thus creates income employment generation. All these components help to create sustainable economic development.

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