Current Situation of Mineral Resources in Nepal


Current Situation of Mineral Resources in Nepal:

1. Iron Ore: In Nepal, iron ore deposits have been found in Fulchoki (10 million tons estimated to be deposited), Labdikhola (10 million tons estimated to be deposited), Thoshe (8 million tons), Jirwang (1 million ton). Besides, iron ores have been found in Kulekhani, Godawari, Bhaise, Pyuthan, Bandipur and so on.

2. Copper: Copper ore is expected to be found in about 30 places. These places are Bhotkhola, Gyaji, Arkhaule, Nangre, Wapsa, Siddhakhani, etc but the amount has yet to be ascertained.

3. Magnesite: 180 million tons (66 million tons of high grade, MgO content 88 to 96% loss-free basis) of magnesite deposit in Kharidhunga, Dolakha, 20 million tons of medium to low-grade magnesite deposit in Kampughat in Udayapur district and few small size magnesite occurrences from Palpa, Baitadi, and Dolakha have been identified.

4. Mica: The mica mines have been found in Bajhang, Chainpur, Doti, Bhojpur, Lamjung, Gosaithan, Nuwakot, Dhankuta, and so on. But the quantity has not been ascertained.

5. Limestone: Limestone is found in Chovar, Jogimara, Bhainse, Rasuwa, Baglung, Pulchowki, Baitadi, Tipling, Salmor valley, and so on.

6. Lead: Lead is found in Arkhaule, Durlung, Rasuwa, Baglund, Pulchowki, BAitadi, Tipling, Salmor valley, and so on.

7. Coal: Coal is available in Dang, Salyan, Rolpa, Pyuthan, and Palpa district. Small scale 19 coal mines are in operation in these districts. In addition to that 30 prospecting licenses are also issued. Present coal production in Nepal is insignificant.

8. Zinc: Zinc is found in various places of Nepal like Ganesh Himal, Phulchoki, Majer Khola, Nampa, and so forth. 

9. Sulphur: This mineral resource is found in Chisapani Gadhi, Gosainkunda, BarahaChhetra etc.

10. Slate: Slate is available in various areas of Nepal like Bandipur, Bagmati, Lumbini, Gandaki, Janakpur etc.

11. Marble: Marble is found in Godawari, Mahabharat mountain range, etc.

12. Petroleum: Petroleum including diesel, petrol, LP Gas, Kerosene etc are found in various places of Nepal like Koilabas, Nepalgunj, Dhangadi, Muktinath, Dailekh, Pyuthan, Dang, and many more likely to be found in wider areas of Terai Chure hills and Mahabharat range.

13. Gold: A huge deposit of gold is found in various rivers of Nepal like Sunkoshi, Budhigandaki, Riu Khola, Kaligandaki, Bering, etc. The placer gold has been found in Koshi.

14. Silver: Silver deposits have been found in Chisapanigadhi, Baglung, Phulchoki etc.

15. Cobalt: Cobalt reserves have been found in Palpa, Gulmi, Argakhaanchi, Dhankuta of Nepal.

16. Nickel: It is found in places like Khokling, Nampa, Tungthang, Bhorle etc in Nepal.

17. Uranium: A huge reserve of Uranium have been found in the Upper Mustang of Nepal. It is an expensive mineral used in making nuclear weapons and generating power. A kg of Uranium costs more than US$ 7 million.

Several other noteable minerals and precious stones like slate stone, graphite, marble, pyrite, quartz, etc are expected to be deposited in various parts of Nepal.

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