Concept of Health, Population and Environment II Concept of Health, Population and Environment II

Concept of Health, Population and Environment II

Concept of Health, Population and Environment

Concept of Health, Population, and Environment

How biological and socio-cultural aspects of the environment are related to health and population?

Ans = Flora, and fauna vary with variation in ecological regions and climatic belts. Human beings get their foods from animals and vegetation. There is a high density of population where the land is fertile and yields agricultural products. This improves the people’s living standard which eventually leads to good health and quality of life.

                        Similarly, Humans have made the environment as the foundation of their customs, lifestyle, traditions, cultures, rites, rituals, festivals, etc. Sometimes, the excess of usage and consumptions during feasts and festivals deteriorates their health. These things affect people’s knowledge, attitude, and beliefs regarding Health, Population, and Environment. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that the biological and socio-cultural aspects of the environment are related to health and population.

Explain the relationship of science and technology with health, population, and environment.

Ans= Due to improvement in science and technology, people are being able to travel from a place to another. Various tools, equipment, machinery, weapons, etc have been developed with science and technology. Science and technology also have affected the health of people and degraded the environment. World war, crimes, cyber attacks, chemical releases in the environment are the negative aspects of science and technology. But, if they are used with conscience and scientific knowledge, healthy population and environment are effectively developed. Therefore, there is a close relationship between science and technology with health, population, and environment.

How is the psychological aspect related to health, population and environment education?

Ans= Psychology is defined as the scientific study of mind and how it influences human behavior. Many aspects of HPE are related to people’s thinking, concept, beliefs, and attitudes of people. If human beings behave rationally, then the environment remains well conserved. It helps to maintain cleanliness and sanitation of the surrounding. It helps to preserve flora and fauna. It keeps environmental balance and the people’s health remains good. If people behave irrationally, then it causes negative effects on health and the environment. The objective of Health, Population and Environment education cannot be achieved unless people change their psychology. So, the psychological aspect is related to health, population and environment education.

Explain about the economic aspect of H.P.E.

Ans= Health, population, and environmental education are related to the economic aspect. When the population increases rapidly, unemployment problem rises. Due to this, there is a lack of balanced diet, rest, proper environment and health status of a person worsens. Environmental degradation increases along with increasing poverty. People utilize natural resources in a random manner in the maximum amount, forest areas decrease and consequently, the problem of pollution occurs. People are involved in illegal hunting, smuggling of the parts of animals which causes the declination of wildlife.

Explain about the psychological aspect of H.P.E.

Ans= Psychological aspect of H.P.E includes human behaviors, thinking, beliefs, attitudes, values, ethics, etc. These psychological values directly or indirectly affect health, population, and environment. Different people with different thoughts, beliefs, and ethics follow different health habits, environment consciousness, and population knowledge. Likewise, a person who is normative thinks everything pessimistic that degrades the health and environment quality. Whereas an optimist always remains sound and cheerful, aware of population problems and environment conservation.

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