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"Population, environment and development are interrelated." Justify.

Population means the total number of people living in an area in a specific time frame. Environment denotes all the living and non-living things around our surrounding. The development indicates an improved situation. It is a gradual process. In the development process, various resources are used from the environment by population.

 Population utilizes resources for development and also conserves the environment. Similarly, rapid growth in the population affects developmental activity and environment. Activities of people on the environment degrade the quality of the environment. So, they are interrelated.

Why is sustainable development important in terms of the environment?

Sustainable development means meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of the future generation. This suggests that we should utilize the natural resources by saving for the future generation. So, its importance can be given in terms of the environment as follows: -
  • Sustainable development helps to utilize the natural resources appropriately by conserving them.
  • People who have the concept of sustainable development feel the responsibility of saving natural resources.
  • It helps to develop only basic aspects of humans.
  • It helps to save the environment because limitations of development are predetermined.
  • Sustainable development suggests us to develop any sector with long term vision.

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