Environmental health Short questions

Environmental health Short questions

Environmental health Short questions

What is pollution?
Pollution is the lack of purity in air, water, land, appropriate level of sound or environmental degradation.

Give any two examples of water pollutants.
The two examples of water pollutants are: -
  • Fecal discharges can cause water resource polluted.
  • Leakage of agrochemicals in the water resources.
What is incineration?
The process of destroying waste or garbage by burning is called incineration.

Name any two diseases caused by air pollution.
The two diseases caused by pollution are: -
  • Anemia
  • Causes kidney problems
Mention a method of solid waste management.
Sanitary landfill is a method of solid waste management.

Write a type of pollution caused due to drainage.
Water pollution is caused due to drainage.

Mention any two measures to manage organic solid waste.
The two measures to manage organic solid waste are: -
  • Burial
  • Sanitary landfill
Give an example of waste, which can be reused.
A polythene bag is a waste which can be reused.

Who started borehole latrine?
Rockefeller in India started borehole latrine.

What do you mean by environmental health? Mention its importance.
The state of purity and quality of environmental elements like land, air, soil, water, level of sound, etc. is called environmental health.
The importance of environmental health are: -
  • It inspires us to manage waste properly.
  • Human life becomes easy.
  • It makes the life of all living beings qualitative.
  • It maintains the quality of the environment.
  • It helps us to save health and money.
Types of latrines.
The types of latrines are: -
  • Simple pit latrine
  • Aqua privy larine
  • Trench latrine
  • Borehole latrine
  • Water seal/ pour flush latrines
  • Sulabh latrine
Differences between reuse and recycle:
The process of treating things that have already been used so that they can be used again.The process of using something again is called reuse.
Paper, metals, etc can be recycled.Plastic bags, bottles, etc can be reused.

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