Family life education

Family life education

Family life education

What do you mean by family life education? How can you say it is necessary for adolescents?

Family life education is an educational process, which provides learners the knowledge about human reproduction, development of human sexuality and helping young people towards the development of social, emotional and sexual aspects. Family life education is very much essential to all people especially adolescents. It provides knowledge about human reproduction, development of human sexuality, etc. It helps the adolescents to deal with the physical, social and emotional changes. It also provides knowledge regarding family which is very much necessary in their present as well as future life.

Justify the significance of small family for a happy family.

A family may be small or large. But small family is happier and prosperous than the joint family. There is a saying that "Small family is a happy family". Nowadays, every person is willing to live in a small family.
The following points show the significance of a small family for a happy family:
  • There are a few members and fewer quarrels.
  • Good care of all family members.
  • Enough freedom of decision.
  • Easy fulfillment of basic needs and other necessities.

Responsibilities of parents in family life:

  • To form and develop the character of children.
  • To nurture the children
  • To provide quality education, health facilities, and services.
  • To show their children love, affection and good behavior.
  • To be intrinsically very sensitive to their children.

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