Family and parents Family and parents

Family and parents

Family and Parents,

Family and Parents

Differences between the role of parents and the responsibilities of parents:

Role of parents

Responsibilities of parents

Role of parent refers to the positions of parents in the family.Responsibility of parents refers to the acts of parents according to their position.
Roles are the parts that parents play in the family.Responsibilities are the actions that parents must fulfill for the roles they play.
Parents roles are a policymaker, leader, educator, etc.Parents responsibilities are income management, birth spacing, etc
Roles are the guidelines to responsibilities.Responsibilities are the supporters to complete the roles.

Differences between the Joint family and single family.

Joint family

Single family

·       More security
·       Difficult to access the basic needs of the members.
·       More members and quarrels.
·       Easy for the socialization of children in such family compared to a single family.
·       Less security
·       Easy to fulfill the basic needs of the members.
·       Fewer members and quarrels
·       Difficult for the socialization of children compared to the joint family.

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