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Sample Survey

Sample Survey:

The process of collecting, compiling, evaluating and publishing demographic, social and economic data about the sampled population in order to infer the general behavior of an entire population of a place or country in a given time period is called sample Survey. In this method, only a small amount of population as a sample is studied rather than the whole universe.

Importance of survey

  1. In-depth study
  2. More qualitative
  3. Provides current data
  4. Cost effective method
  5. Less manpower and less time-consuming
  6. Fulfills intercensal data gap
  7. Essential for the projects before running
  8. Useful to planners, economists, sociologists Politicians, students, teachers, and researchers.

Limitations of the survey

  1. Highly skilled manpower needed which is not always possible
  2. Long and time-consuming questionnaire
  3. Probability of sampling error
  4. Per unit cost is very high
  5. May not represent the entire population
  6. Not national level data like census

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