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Essay on Tihar


Essay on Tihar

Tihar is another most important festival of Hindus in Nepal. It is the festival of brothers. It is also the festival of lights and colors. It is also called as Deepawali by the locals of Terai. This festival often occurs during Kartika month of Bikram Samvat Calendar. It is celebrated from Trayodashi of Kartika Krishna Pakshya to Dwitiya of Kartika Shukla Pakshya every year for five.

The five days are known as Panchak. This festival is one of the most enthusiastic and enjoyable festivals of all time. During this festival, people worship different animals such as Crow, Dog, Cow, etc. So this festival also increases the love, respect, and attention towards animals.

Tihar is really a great festival that commemorates the love between brother and sister and the cherished relation between humans and other animals. It is said that when Yamaraj had five days of leave from his duty he went to his sister Yami’s house. His sister was surprised and shocked to see her brother and didn’t know how to react and what to do? After seeing him. So the five days are the days when Yami did everything to keep her brother happy. So this may be the legendary story behind the celebration on Tihar.

Besides another story from Hindu mythology depicts that Tihar is the five-day celebration of Ayodhya on the occasion of Ram returning to home. Actually, In the holy book Ramayana when Ram was asked for 14 years of forest stay he met one of his rivals, Ravana, there and killed him. As he returned there, the citizens of Ayodhya became extremely happy as there came their favorite king and personnel.

As the festival is celebrated for five days, the first day is known as Kaag Tihar (Crow Tihar). Crows and Ravens are believed to be the carriers of sorrow and sadness. Therefore, people provide delicious foods including rice, vegetables, ghee, curd, sweets, and dishes to please them and reduce the number of death in their home and also to reduce the sadness and sorrows in their family. They do this also to avert grief from their families. That is why this festival is said to have the divine attachment between humans and birds in nature. Besides Crow or Raven is also known as the vehicle of Yamaraj (the god of death).

Similarly, the second day directs Hindu’s to worship dogs. The day is known as “Kukur Tihar” or Newar people call it as “Khicha puja”. Dogs are believed to be the messengers of Yamaraj. On the beautiful occasion of this day, people are likely to offer garlands, delicious foods as like Crows and take care of them with love and care. This day is also observed as Naraka Chaturdashi and the day to acknowledge the cherished relationship between dogs and humans. 

This is the only day in a year when street dogs are respected and loved and provided with hunger satisfactory diet. So this is the message for you all readers that you must take care of your street dogs so that from next year you can find dogs for worshipping them in Tihar. Else after a few years, you will never find a single dog and you will probably miss them so much. And this is so true. 

Well, the third and most important day is Gai Tihar (Cow Tihar). In the morning of this day, people worship cow for wealth and prosperity and wealth. The cow is believed to be the sign of wealth and prosperity. It is believed because we are greatly benefitted by cows because they give us milk, meat, dung, and urine. They worship cow to show gratefulness to the cow for its benefits. In the day, people clean their houses if it is made of cement then they broom their houses, clean with a vacuum cleaner or if it is of mud then the coat with Cow’s dung all the house. 

About around 3:00pm or 4:00 pm people start making rangoli in front of their houses to invite goddess Laxmi to their houses. Goddess Laxmi is the god of wealth. From this day people start lighting Jhilimili Batti in their houses, shops, and buildings. Night Markets this day is so fascinating and impressive as they are highly decorated and make-upped. Diyas, candles are burnt along with lighting electrical light on the banana tree this day. 

That is why this festival is also known as the festival of lights. This is the day for playing Bhailo. Women from Aama Samuha, different clubs and organization get together and play Bhailo whole night disturbing people’s sleep. They collect money sweets and other things by playing Bhailo and share among them equally and enjoy with great enthusiast.

The cool day for the boy is here. The fourth day of Tihar is called Goru Tihaar. This day people worship ox and offer garland and delicious food to oxen. The day is also called Govardhan Pooja. The followers of Lord Krishna make a Mount of gobar (Cow dung) and worship it. Newari people conduct Mha Pooja (self-purifying ceremony). It is also the new year of Nepal Samvat. At night this day boys gather and play Dheusi roaming from home to home collecting money, sweets, and dishes sharing among them at the end.

Finally, on the last day is known as Bhai Teeka is the final and the most important celebration of Tihar. This day sister worships their brothers with walnut, oil, Dahi, sweets, Saptarangi Teeka, and many more items. Sisters make special garlands for their brothers symbolizing their wish for their brother’s long life. Newari people make colorful Astamangala mandalas and recite chants and procedure in accordance with tantric rituals. This day there held an event of sharing gifts between brothers and sisters. Also on this night, people have the tradition to play Dheusi but this day by both genders.

Truly, Tihar is a very significant festival for everyone. Traders are very much benefited from the festival. They are able to sell a lot of Diyas, Candles and electric lights at this festival. Besides, cloth trading also fosters because gifting readymade cloth is an unclear trend followed by every Nepalese Brother and sisters.

However, this festival invites the social differences between rich and poor, discrimination and extravagance too. Besides, on the occasion of this festival people blast firecrackers which has an extremely bad effect on the environment.

Whatever the bad effects are Tihar is a great festival that is of great importance representing Hindu identity and conserving it.
Authored by Shlok Koirala

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