Human resource development/ HRD

Human resource development/ HRD

Human resource development/ HRD

Nepal is facing problems regarding human resource development (HRD).

HRD is a part of human resource management that deals with training and development of the employees. But Nepal is facing problems regarding human resource development. The literacy rate and unemployment both have increased in Nepal. Many youths are flying abroad for employment even though they cannot get a better and high earning job there.

 Lack of capital, entrepreneurs, suitable national policy and lack of political commitment are the problems of HRD in Nepal. Besides, unstable and frequent change in the government, lack of continuity of the policy, lack of honest politicians and lack of experienced experts for HRD can be other challenges in Nepal.

Some measures to solve the HRD problems in Nepal

Development of HRD is the means of development and progress of the country. Status of HRD shows the level of development of a country. There are some problems in the development of HRD in Nepal. Following are some measures to solve HRD problems in Nepal: -
  • Develop a 20 year perspective plan on HRD.
  • Prioritize TEVT from the basic level in the school curriculum.
  • Develop the country as the pool of trained and technical human resource.
  • Develop result based management in every sector to develop human resource.
  • Coordinate various universities in the country to produce the need-based trained human resource.
  • Maintain political stability and commitment towards HRD.

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