Population Trend Population Trend
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Population Trend

Population Trend

Population Trend

World population trend in brief.

The world population is rapidly increasing. In 1 A.D., it was 250 million but the trend of the population is increasing now. It reached up to 2 billion in 1930 A.D., then it became 3 billion in 1930 A.D., in just 30 years. It increased by 3 billion in just 39 years. According to the latest census report, it has reached to 7.4 billion.

Trends of population size and growth of Nepal.

Size of population denotes the real number of people in a place. The population is dynamic in nature. In 1911 A.D. (1968 B.S.) the population of Nepal was 5.6 million which reached 8.2 million after 41 years in 2009 B.S. From 1968 to 1987 B.S., the population growth was in decreasing trend.

Unscientific counting, epidemic, and wars were the main reasons behind it. Similarly, in 2028-2038 B.S., the population growth rate was 2.62% which is considered to be the greatest growth rate till now. The population of Nepal was 11.5 million in 1971 which has gone up to 26.4 million according to the census of 2011 A.D.

The current growth rate of population in Nepal is 1.35%, which warns that in this growth rate, the population of Nepal would double itself approximately after 52 years (as counted from 2011 A.D).

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